Better get a bigger cheat-sheet; Sarah Palin Cribbin’ 

Sarah Palin cribbin'

Sarah Palin’s other possible body crib notes (crib “tats” ) for her Tea Party speeches:

1. Don’t use the R word when referring to President Obama
2. Say God Bless America at least 3 times during the speech
3. Use the term “generational theft” at least once during speech and pray someone doesn’t ask what it means. If asked about it, just wink at the camera and give that “going rogue” look.
4. When referring to Democrat Bart Stupak, make sure to say Bart Stupak; not Bart Simpson
5. When voicing criticism for officials who let the underwear bomber lawyer-up, remember to say lawyer-up; not lather-up
6. When referring to Republican Senator elect Scott Brown who modeled nude for Cosmo remember to say he’s an average Joe, not Joe the Plumber; Scott Brown is a Joe with more than average plumbing.
7. Grocery list – hair Bumpits, 1 carton American Spirit cigarettes, camo-me tea, white bread, non-homo milk, and Ginkgo Biloba memory pills
8. To Do List – pick up this month’s Guns and Ammo magazine, buy dictionary to look up big words to use in my tea party speech